January 31/365

[NOTE: I screwed up with the pacing of this, and will blow right past the 100-word limit on the last day. You, of course, can stop reading at word 100 (“Shards crashed all“), if you want!]

As Mary Margaret stepped over the fallen column, she was surprised that she did not have to think about moving her feet. She forgot about the kelp pool, and walked through a familiar doorway into a small, dark room, where moonlight pooled through a tall window. She turned to see a girl sleeping in a narrow bed. “I must get out of here,” she thought, and ran to the window, but it was now a wall of glass. With all her strength, she pushed against the glass until she felt the wall shift and begin to fall. Shards crashed all around her, and the cold night air rushed in. She saw a line of birch trees fading away into the darkness. This was not a room. An owl, with a keen glance at her, flew through the white limbs; Mary Margaret spread her wings, and followed.


6 thoughts on “January 31/365

  1. Ah, I was wondering how the dream(y) sequences would tie in with the rest of the story. What a moving and beautiful tale, thank you.


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