February 14/365 Fictions

My memory grows fictional. I pulled two books off my shelves today, ready to write about how I read them in Andrei Codrescu’s seminar in the fall of 1980. I would have bet the farm on that. Both were printed in 1982, and one was first published in 1981. An entire history of my relationship to magic realism, shot to hell.



7 thoughts on “February 14/365 Fictions

  1. I watched a Ted Talk in which the presenter was talking about this. He said no one saw the 2nd Trade Tower collapsing in real time on TV, because none of that footage was available for 24 hours. I was shocked, because I definitely remembered watching it happen in real time. (Note – I just went to find a link, and it turns out he – the expert – was wrong. We did see it happen in real time.) https://www.metabunk.org/ted-talk-when-a-memory-expert-get-it-wrong.t780/


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