February 22/365 Photo #2: Deliverance

The Hannigan clan, with dogs. This is the extent of my father’s side of the family: a solitary nuclear clan, with no love shared beyond filial attachment, and even then, very little. My great-grandmother, Big Mum, holds the smiling dog. I inherited her nose. (Big Mum’s, that is, not the dog’s.) Great-uncle Dick, far right, is clearly up to no good.



6 thoughts on “February 22/365 Photo #2: Deliverance

  1. As everyone who’s on Facebook with me knows, I have a thing for old photographs. And this one is fascinating. There must have been two photographers, as everyone is looking off to the left. I don’t think I’d want to be called Big Mum, although my son calls me Big Susie sometimes, and I think it’s funny.


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