February 23/365 Luminescence

We are battling worms for Rufus’s heart. I find it difficult to think of anything concrete, or any objects at all, while such an important war rages. Last night, at 2:30, he snuggled his furry back into me, and I saw the glow of his collar: tiny luminescent dog bones swaying in the dark. I listened to him breathe, softly softly.

Rufus reflection.2


3 thoughts on “February 23/365 Luminescence

  1. I feel for you. We went through this with our Wolfy. One vet wanted to use a harsh, risky protocol, so I got a second opinion. The second vet recommended the “slow kill” (of the heartworms) method , which if I recall correctly consisted of administering HeartGard tablets as though he were being given them as a preventative. It worked. I wish a good outcome for you and Rufus. I love his ears.


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