March 4/365 Advice

You could meet anyone on a city bus in Baltimore. I met Andrei Codrescu on a bus headed downtown, toward Lexington Market. He told me that I should leave Johns Hopkins because the undergraduates there weren’t normal college students; they weren’t whole-heartedly embracing life while sitting in the grass debating great ideas. I thought, “You’re cute.”


4 thoughts on “March 4/365 Advice

  1. I love this. He taught a semester at my college (the year before I was there, I think) and allegedly hit on a friend of mine that year! But I’m sure I told you that…and clearly now I’m just blah blah blahing, which is different that commenting on the writing, which is, as always, stellar.

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  2. Kate — I don’t think there is anything wrong with adding to the post by sharing your own experiences — in fact I like that on my posts. It creates a dialog.

    Kim — I admit that I had to look up Andrei Codrescu, but immediately realized I knew who he was. I am hoping you also ran into John Waters in Baltimore and will tell us about it.

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  3. Codrescu liked to regale his class with stories of seeing famous writers in strange places: “I saw Henry Miller on a freeway outside of LA. I rolled down my window and shouted, “Henry Miller!” and he looked at me.” Or “I saw William Boroughs at a party, he was just sitting there, I shook his hand, it was so cold, I thought he was dead.” (Of course, my paraphrasing…I wasn’t a great note-taker!) So I’m sure that he would have told a great meeting-John-Waters secret/lie!

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