March 7/365 Tourist

In that one day, we passed quietly through Nan Madol, disrupting generations of blue-tailed skinks warming on the basalt. Our boat sped across a shallow bay, racing eagle rays. We stepped over puddles clotted with invasive toad tadpoles. And while swimming under the cascade of Kepirohi, we watched Nihlo lure eels with hunks of dry bread.


5 thoughts on “March 7/365 Tourist

  1. Very dreamy. But where is the lie? Are skinks extinct? Or do tadpoles become frogs, and something else becomes toads? Is there no dry bread to be had wherever this is? Aaacckk, this is killing me!

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    • Helen – Only Indigo would know. The skinks, toads, and eels are all true, at least as much as memory makes them. But I wasn’t a tourist, though that was the day we pretended we were.


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