March 19/365 Illusions

The secret ingredient of my relationship with my Mother is the unspoken half-truth. (That and the fact that she lives four hours away.) This has allowed her to embrace an ideal image of her daughter: able housekeeper, expert budgeter, dedicated mother and wife. She doesn’t know that I’m still in my pajamas, right now, at 3:00.


12 thoughts on “March 19/365 Illusions

  1. I will bet your mother would love you just as much if she knew you were in pajamas. Frayed pajamas with food spilled on them. (Although she might be rather worried about you.)


    • She loves me the same, but I allow her to be free of her need to criticize. There seems to be a well-spring of it, deep in her soul, and age has not tempered it.


  2. I’m sure one can expertly perform housekeeping, budgeting, mothering and wifing duties whilst in one’s pajamas, can’t one?


    • Yes, definitely. But sadly not in my mother’s world view. My sisters and I marvel at how rigid her rules are, and how the passing of 85 years has done nothing to soften them at all. Subtle half-truths keep the peace, and allow her to love me without censure.


  3. Your mother would be horrified with me then. I am often in my pajamas until noon, albeit working. Really glad my company does not insist on video conferencing.


  4. I’m solidly British in my spelling-of-things. And I say zed instead of zee. But pajamas vs pyjamas is one of those words I’m never sure of the correct spelling for.


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