March 20/365 Coffee at Dawn

The runway closed to large aircraft midway through my trip, so I flew to Kosrae with other exiles, hoping to catch a ride on the missionary plane to Pohnpei. That night a vicious dog fight erupted under my cabin cancelling sleep. I shared the pale dawn with the reef herons, who stalked between the baby mangroves.


7 thoughts on “March 20/365 Coffee at Dawn

    • Mostly true, from time spent in Federated States of Micronesia. I lived on Pohnpei, which has an airstrip built on reefs. Subsidence caused me to take a very different route through the island state of Kosrae. The lie here is the coffee. I think it took hours for us to find any food/drink that day!


    • I chuckled at this. My life is remarkable in its absolute ordinariness! But there have been remarkable moments, and they stand out in memory from the rest. Everything about my brief time in Micronesia (except my failing first marriage and my lack of purpose) was so strange and lovely.


  1. Oh wow, that last sentence!

    The closest I ever got to Micronesia was sending a bid for a project there. Our bid documents got off-loaded from the plane to save weight, and as a result, we missed the final bid date and never got the job.

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