March 29/365 Twisters

Three tornados have missed me. One bounced over Bellevue, PA, landing briefly in Mount Washington. Another ripped a line through Bonner Springs, before rising over our Kansas City neighborhood. The sky turned a dull swamp green that day. But the scariest was the funnel that passed right behind my car on route 70, east of Indianapolis.


5 thoughts on “March 29/365 Twisters

  1. I grew up in Northern Illinois, but never was near a tornado*. My aunt in Mississippi saw one outside her window and thought for sure she was a goner. It swerved and took out an entire town just south of her.

    *We had bad storms and once was in what was affectionately called “the tail end of a tornado” by the neighborhood.

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    • I also live in an earthquake zone. But the fault is so long, or something, that the occasional quakes are diffuse and only ever seem to knock over a few lawn chairs. Are you near Christchurch? I remember those horrible quakes of a few years ago.

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  2. Haven’t seen a tornado, though I would love to see one off in the distance. I have, however, taken shelter in a local McDonalds during a microburst. I will never forget that green coloured sky.

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