April 7/365 The Queen of Bethesda

In Dorchester, Mavis dreamed of being that other kind of Boston girl, the Kennedy kind. Pretty enough, ambitious enough, she fell for a smart Jewish boy, one of the White boys. He bought her a nice house in the Washington suburbs, while he worked for the Kennedys. His brother dined with them. Perhaps she married the wrong one?

Mavis and Bob
Mavis and Robert, in route to Nan Madol (1987)

5 thoughts on “April 7/365 The Queen of Bethesda

  1. Yay, now I know more about the queen of Bethesda. A former owner of my current home worked for the Kennedys so perhaps they knew each other.


    • Her husband, Robert White, ran the Weather Bureau, and was the first director of NOAA – a scientist/administrator kind of guy. His brother, Theodore White was the journalist/writer who helped Jackie create the Camelot myth around JFK, among other things.


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