April 18/365 JHB, II

Jomills Henry Braddock, II.*

He handed me a mountain of NFL materials, and smiled when I told him I really did not like football.** Jomills defined a southern gentleman to me. His words were careful, softened by his drawl. He brought me a piece of sugar cane,*** and I brought him a maple sugar bunny. Two noses wrinkled.


*NOTE: Because it’s a wonderful name, in full. A glorious name.

**I was his work-study assistant in compiling data for a study about institutionalized racism in the NFL in 1980. Here’s what he’s been up to since: 


***In truth, we were talking about favorite sweets, and he brought me pralines also. Neither compared to maple sugar, no matter what he said!



8 thoughts on “April 18/365 JHB, II

    • He and I talked about favorite childhood sweets, and he grew up in the deep south and had fond memories of sugar cane. I told him that folks around my area tapped maple trees, making syrup and molded maple sugar candy for Easter baskets. The best maple sugar is sandy, and melts quickly on your tongue. He was not impressed! Truth is, I’ve always found cultural ideas about sweets to be more difficult to accept than foods in general. For example, I love most Asian cuisine, but with the exception of fresh fruits, am usually somewhat disappointed in traditional Asian desserts.


  1. Mali – have you had maple syrup? The real kind, not that Aunt Jemima stuff. My cousin has a sugar bush and we get it from him by the gallon.


    • I was given a larger bottle of maple syrup in Canada when I did some work there, and we can buy it here too. Have to be careful it isn’t the maple-flavoured stuff! (I assume that’s what you mean by the Aunt Jemima stuff?)


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