April 17/365 Paradise Lost

Cates asked Gayle about me.

“Your roommate, with the long hair, is she seeing someone?”

This pudgy, brilliant man sat at the Milton seminar table across from me. Gayle invited him to our Christmas party. High and brave, he whispered Milton to me. I, heartless, said, “But would it be paradise lost or gained?” And laughing, walked away.

Cates and Katie, Christmas Party, 1979

NOTE: Needed so many more words than my restrictive 58! So much more to explain about the sexual politics of a campus that was 80% male – tales of desperation and foolishness abound. Important to say, if my internet stalking is correct (and pretty certain it is since Cates had a unique name), he’s done impressive things. Milton was not wasted on him.


3 thoughts on “April 17/365 Paradise Lost

  1. I hope you’ll have a chance to come back to this story, when more words are available. And the fact that you were young and heartless and brave? Brava! (I wish I had been heartless and brave.)


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