April 20/365 Ivy

My son loves a woman with a heart-shaped face. Her mother named her after a persistent, vining plant. In truth, she has worked away at me, over these four years, burrowing tendrils into my heart. I marvel at the delicacy of her – those graceful fingers, the wasp-thin waist. I fear for her, and me. Love can be dangerous.


ivy and conor
Conor and Ivy, May 2016



8 thoughts on “April 20/365 Ivy

  1. How old is your son? Do you fear their relationship won’t last? I’m sure my parents always hoped I’d break up with my boyfriends (fortunately, I did), so I was unprepared for how attached my husband and I got to a young man who dated our daughter.


    • Susan – only 20. At heart, I am a pessimist so I do not expect love, especially young love, to last. That said, I’ve been reminded by many friends that sometimes it does.


    • Two years ago, before their prom, they took us to an abandoned resort near us, and had a photo shoot. Just them. Now he’s in the middle of college, has a scruffy beard, and never looks like he cares how he looks. I’m glad I have proof that, when cleaned up, he and Ivy shine!

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  2. I can relate, Kim. I adore my son’s girlfriend and fear it won’t last, even though they’ve recently rented a house to share. He’s off to grad school next year and the last time he was separated from a girlfriend he broke up with her.

    I love that photo. They both look a little mischievous.


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