May 3/365 Corn, Part 3

When enough of the crop was ready, Mom and Dad froze corn. Other vegetables, like green beans, were canned, but Mom loved the fresher taste of frozen corn. We picked, cleaned, blanched, cut, and packaged load after load. Blanched corn is still crisp, and there’s something green in its taste. But sweet, oh so sweet.



5 thoughts on “May 3/365 Corn, Part 3

  1. I’ve never heard of anyone here canning (though we call it bottling) green beans. We’d always freeze them. And yes, frozen corn is good (courtesy of the FIL).


    • Mom canned green and wax (yellow) beans, tomatoes, peaches, pears, plums, sour cherries, pickles, relishes. She also canned venison, which I know sounds very strange! She froze all kinds of berries, corn, peppers, butternut squash, sweet cherries, applesauce, peas….and things I’ve probably forgotten! Summers were busy, hot, and steamy!

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  2. I bought my daughter-in-law a pressure canner last year. She does more canning than I did, but not as much as your mother. I relied more on the freezers–we had three huge chests, but now I’m down to one medium-large. That’s such a nice picture!


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