May 5/365 Kuhn Family Farm

I have a farmer. My feelings toward Tina and her farm are territorial. Mine. Tina and Randy raise beefalo, sturdy TAM-ROC pigs, and free-range chickens. If I’m lucky, I find a reason to drive by their farm (which is two hours away) to buy beautiful eggs. Rich, buttery – a steal at $2.50/dozen. They are mine.



8 thoughts on “May 5/365 Kuhn Family Farm

  1. $2.50 a dozen *is* a steal. I’ve spent $6.00 for farm eggs at the farm market here in Bethesda (and nearly as much in Wardensville, WV last weekend).


  2. $2.50 a dozen really is good, but then add the petrol/gas onto the price. Oh wait, you Americans don’t pay much for gas, so it really is a steal!


    • I can’t justify the gas to drive two hours for eggs, but I can figure ways to add forty minutes into a trip from my son’s college, or take the “scenic route” back from my mother’s home to pick up some. I’ve even started to compile a list of unexplored microbreweries that my husband might like to take a Saturday exploring, just so I can add on a bit to get to the Kuhn farm!

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  3. I am probably mistaken, but the bowl holding the eggs looks very 1970s. My parents had a similar pattern they obtained by purchasing groceries: so many dollars spent got you a place setting or serving bowl.


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