May 8/365 Birthday Wishes

If the seasons cooperated, and Dad could plant potatoes by St. Patrick’s, and peas by early April, I always chose peas-and-potatoes for my birthday meal in June.

  • Boil tiny new potatoes until tender.
  • Add shelled peas, and barely cook.
  • Drain water; add a little warm milk, butter, salt and pepper.

(I was a happy child.)



3 thoughts on “May 8/365 Birthday Wishes

  1. Simple tastes. Good taste too. Actually, that is the basis of many of our Christmas dinners. Also, if you make enough (I usually do so deliberately) the next day slice the new potatoes thickly (if they’re tiny, just cut them in half), toss in the peas, and have a fry up. Lovely with cold sliced ham, and a salad.


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