May 11/365 Spam, Part 1

A pro argument for the existence of Spam, the “canned cooked meat:”

  • If the Spam is sliced very thin, and cooked in a skillet until crispy;
  • If you toast an English muffin, and cook a good egg until the yolk is just beginning to set;
  • If the cheese is not Velveeta;
  • Spam almost beats bacon.


NOTE: My Dad, who would have been 93 yesterday, adored Spam in any form, including thick, somewhat gelatinous, uncooked slices with yellow mustard on spongy white bread. A child of the Depression, he was fond of all sorts of processed meats: potted ham, deviled ham, head cheese, dried beef, ring bologna, Vienna sausages – you name it, if a product had a long shelf-life, the man loved it.


2 thoughts on “May 11/365 Spam, Part 1

  1. Most of the items that you mentioned that your dad liked has been brought up in conversations with my husband when he reminisces on life growing up on a Midwestern dairy, then cattle, farm. He’s had me try potted ham and Vienna sausages. I grew up eating Spam occasionally. I don’t recall liking it or hating it. We used to get corned beef in cans and ham in cans too.


  2. This made me smile. My Dad would have been the same.

    Though I had to spend about 10 minutes looking up most of the things you mentioned!
    I know of Spam, but have never had it – not sure we can buy it here. I recently read a scathing review of the largest cruise ship in the world (forgotten its name), where one of the buffet restaurants marked a salad as containing ham, but it was Spam.


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