May 14/365 You Say Tzatziki, I Say…

My cookbooks lie. I haven’t traveled widely; I’ve purchased well. Perhaps because of this, I’m not truly beholden to the people of a culture, so I pick dishes up from disparate places and swap them willy-nilly. My favorite Greek tzatziki sauce is Armenian jajoukh. My only modification: roast the garlic, and never measure the herbs!

yogurt sauce

Recipe from: Sundays At Moosewood Restaurant, by the Moosewood Collective, Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York, NY 1990.




4 thoughts on “May 14/365 You Say Tzatziki, I Say…

  1. I have that book too! I have not tried that recipe though, but I love tzatziki. I have most of the Moosewood cookbooks. My most messed up page in Sundays at Moosewood is the vegetarian biryani which I make as often as I can.


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