May 15/365 Louie Bianco

Mr. Bianco repaired shoes for a living in Wellsville, but more importantly, he owned the popcorn cart. He served his popcorn in red-and-white striped cardboard boxes. First he scooped some fresh popcorn in, then a ladle of real butter, then more popcorn, more butter, and a hefty shake of salt. Children dreamed of his popcorn.



5 thoughts on “May 15/365 Louie Bianco

    • These were years that my mother still bought only margarine (that wartime miracle), so when we could get real butter, we were very happy. Mr. Bianco put so much on his popcorn that the boxes would be soaking through in spots. (I can also remember nibbling on the little butter pats that restaurants had, the kind that were on cardboard squares with little bits of waxed paper on top. My mother would scold, and we’d sneak a nibble when she wasn’t looking.)

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