May 16/365 Moo Pad Prik Sai Tua Fak Yao

I haven’t stood on a street in Vietnam or Thailand, but I will take Madhur Jaffrey’s word that versions of our favorite green bean dish can be throughout the region, and often from street vendors. The recipe, deceptively simple, taught my boys to love beans. Loads of garlic, chilis, ground pork, fish sauce, beans – delicious.

thai green beans

Recipe from: Far Eastern Cookery, by Madhur Jaffrey, Harper and Row, Publishers, New York, NY 1989.


5 thoughts on “May 16/365 Moo Pad Prik Sai Tua Fak Yao

  1. I got so excited to see a Thai name for this post. The Thais do love to put meat into a vegetable dish. I might try this – though the paprika doesn’t sound very Thai.

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    • (This is my second comment…the first one disappeared into the ether.) You are totally right, Mali. Jaffrey admits to using small amounts of paprika only to bring the dishes to the right appearance, which would happen if all the right chilis were available in the USA. In 1989, it was impossible to find many authentic ingredients outside of the major cities, so she has many substitutions.


  2. I have that cookbook too! I’ve consulted it for recipes but have never cooked from it. I mostly use it to show people the mother of Sakina Jaffrey whenever she’s on television.


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