May 31/365 Haiku

Pohnpeians do not eat dogs, but our neighbors were from Chuuk. They called her Brown Dog; I called her Haiku. Perversely, islanders who eat dogs do not seem to care for them like other livestock. We fed her leftovers, and I attempted to doctor her sore ears. She bore large, strong puppies who disappeared quickly.



5 thoughts on “May 31/365 Haiku

  1. I don’t want to travel to a lot of countries anymore because of things like this. I know there may be no logic in it being acceptable to eat a cow and not a dog, but… although I think if we had cows as pets we might change our minds about eating those too.

    OK, I’ll dismount from my high horse (edible in Europe, unimaginable to a lot of North Americans) now.

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  2. I read this as “Pohnpeians do not eat hotdogs”. I think my brain refused to understand what you were saying.


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