June 4/365 A Serial Complaint (1)

Once upon a time, there were physical locations where people worked, usually behind glass, and these people answered customer’s questions about basic utilities. I remember these places; I followed in my mother’s wake as she paid the monthly bills in person. There were worn marble stairways, and a heavy lemon polish odor mixed with cigarettes and mothballs.

Today my sister is trying to navigate how to get my mother a phone with captioning. Even with hearing aids, Mom can’t parse much of what comes through the phone receiver. This should be an easy task. It isn’t.


6 thoughts on “June 4/365 A Serial Complaint (1)

  1. OMG. I hear this. (No pun intended.) Everything is difficult and requires you to be on hold. On the phone.


  2. The St. Louis Water Division has a real building with a walk up window with a helpful clerk who knows everything and has probably been stationed there since 1957. And our water bill is a flat rate and it’s only $33 a month. Do we have a month of bragging?

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  3. That sucks. My FIL, who is semi-computer literate, is going blind. He doesn’t understand enough about the computer to use the accessibility (ie computer voice reading) options. Though we could at least set them up for him. Accessibility services aren’t always easy to … well … access. And they should be.


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