June 5/365 A Serial Complaint (2)

Mom has decided that The Internet is to be avoided at all cost. We’re not clear if this service is a First Class Sin, like Smoking Cigarettes or Dying Your Hair. It may just Lead To Sin, like Movies With Kissing. But Mom refuses to get internet installed, and the simplest captioning phone systems require decently fast internet connections.

This means that my sister is trying to get someone, anyone, to talk about reinstalling an analog line into the house. That should be Verizon. Someone should tell Verizon that, because pretty much no one there knows that.


5 thoughts on “June 5/365 A Serial Complaint (2)

  1. My parents refused Internet. Oh, and I will never, ever willingly deal with Verizon again after what happened to us in trying to switch my parents’ number over. We got in a no-phone-number-but-can’t-cancel loop. Also, with a land line only (they are trying to get rid of all of them), there was no option to pay a bill online (which my sister discovered). Verizon can suck my *^&%.


  2. My MIL has refused to learn about the internet, though she’s had computers and later internet in her house since the 1980s. Now though, as dementia sets in, it is one less thing we have to worry about.


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