June 10/365 Fault

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

Please forgive us. We Americans knew exactly what we were doing, but we did it anyways. And if things don’t change, we’ll do it again. I don’t trust us, and you probably shouldn’t either. Just hoping that Margaret Atwood wasn’t the last of the great prophets.


A white, college-educated, American woman


3 thoughts on “June 10/365 Fault

  1. I had dinner about a month after the horrible election with the (then) president of NOW* and she used “we” when talking about who elected the orange one. I didn’t understand because I knew that neither of us had voted for him, but she explained that she meant “we white college-educated women.” She also didn’t have high-hopes for the Women’s March, although she fully supported it.

    *later that night she and her daughter helped decorate our Christmas tree

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