June 11/365 Hot Glazed

I drove ten miles out of my way just to see if the Hot Now sign was on.

It wasn’t.

(Oh, I still bought doughnuts, but the sadness lingers.)

NOTE: I have no idea if the Krispy Kreme phenomenon is known outside of the US. It’s a southern doughnut chain that has perfected a sugar-glazed, raised doughnut, and if the light is on outside the shop, that means that the hot, melt-in-your-mouth pastries are available directly from the glazing machine inside. A near-religious experience.


7 thoughts on “June 11/365 Hot Glazed

  1. Oh yes, it is. We couldn’t miss it on US TV/movies/media. I’ve seen Krispy Kreme places in the UK (Harrods, I think?) and Thailand, and I think I heard someone talking about them coming to Auckland. I’ve never had one. Are they that much better than other doughnuts? (They’re not that common here – just appearing in Malls in recent years.)


  2. The glazed ones are very light and I think have a better taste than most doughnuts, especially if bought hot. The in-store machinery made KK a destination for my boys (the closest store is about 40 minutes away). You can watch the entire process of the dough travelling through warming racks, falling into the hot oil, riding the conveyor belt under the cascade of glaze — everything is set up behind glass walls so the little ones can watch. They used to love looking for the misfits that got caught in the gears and needed to be fished out.


  3. Believe it or not, they are not my thing. I respect them. I get it. But if I eat a donut, it’s gotta be a cake donut.


  4. I remember when Krispy Kreme first opened in Toronto: I made the 6-hour round trip there just to sample a donut (well, I’m sure I sampled more than one). I was an instant convert. But I don’t think they’re still in business here.


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