June 16/365 Produce, again

And now a rapture, a dance, a lifting of hands to heaven: the Amish farmer had tender, young shell peas! And new potatoes! And the right size of summer squash – no longer than my hand!

My only complaint: I had to pass by the table of perfect greens – collards, mustard, swiss chard, kale, lettuces – because I still am working through what I bought on Wednesday. I need more people at the table each night. Cooking for two, even with bits for Rufus, means that I can no longer go crazy at the farm market. This seems terribly sad, right now. I coveted the greens.


3 thoughts on “June 16/365 Produce, again

  1. I absolutely feel your pain on this one. I’m trying to figure out how to get a bunch of greens eaten before Tim disappears again…


  2. Yes, this is what contributes to either a) a limited variety in our diet, b) over-eating – to finish everything before it goes off, or c) a lot of food waste.


  3. Yes, that happens here too. We are still (after 6 years of empty nest) getting used to buying for two. Dean is so much better at it than I am. I love getting CSA boxes, but getting through the vegetables is usually difficult. I have a lot of kale smoothies.

    Also Olympia has an amazing farmers’ market that we went to yesterday. We’re leaving tomorrow so I couldn’t buy anything! (I did buy strawberries though)


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