June 20/365 Pneumonia

She went to her doctor with a cough months ago. He started treating her for allergies and ran tests for various heart ailments. The cough continued. He prescribed a stress test and made her wear a monitor to check her blood pressure (she passed both). Her cough worsened, and he gave her a antihistamine shot of some kind. She spiked a fever, and he called in an antibiotic to a pharmacy (it took six hours for his office to do this) and FINALLY requested that she get a chest x-ray. Then she spiked another fever, and the ER looked at the x-ray and diagnosed pneumonia. I wonder how long my mother had pneumonia.



7 thoughts on “June 20/365 Pneumonia

  1. I’m shocked that with her age that wasn’t the first thing they ruled out. My father (former ER nurse) calls pneumonia the “old man’s friend” since it can get deadly so quickly. I’m furious for you.


  2. My mom had a bad case in 2007. I think her gradual 9-year decline was because of it. She was diagnosed immediately, though. She just refused to go to the doctor for weeks.


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