June 28/365 Mouse No More

There was a mouse in the Christmas tree. A mouse on the shoulder of my coat hanging in the closet. A mouse under the stove. A mouse in the bedroom’s radiator. A mouse eating barley in the pantry. A mouse leaping down the dark basement stairs. So many captured mice hauled away from the house in cardboard boxes (or perhaps the same mouse, relocated over and over without success). I scolded the cats for their short-comings.

Today, I returned from almost a week away, and when I shut the front door behind me, I saw a small figure between the rug and the wall. A little, still triangle. “Rich,” I yelled, “One of the cats knows how to kill a mouse.” I made him pick it up, afraid that it would be only mostly dead, which would mean having to do something. The wee body was brittle, so then I wondered how long Rich had walked past it, how many days it might have been there. We’ll never know.

I wanted the mouse problem cured. That’s what I said, what I told the cats.

It was a cute little fellow.


6 thoughts on “June 28/365 Mouse No More

  1. I used to have a number of cats who would routinely gang up on mice in the backyard. I ran a rescue-and-release-into-the-garage (which is rustic, so the mice could still get outdoors) program for years. I have yet to see a mouse in the house, however.

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  2. I only had mice when the cats would catch them outside and bring them in to present to us. Though I grew up in a house with mice. Rats in the ceiling. Possums on the roof.


  3. Mice are so damned cute when they are outside.. One poked out from under a bush I was watering a couple days ago to give me the stink eye. It was adorable.


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