June 29/365 Money For Nothin’

ActBlue knows about me. Every time I’ve signed a petition, every time I sent money to a local Democrat, ActBlue took note. Today my junk email file overflowed with dire warnings regarding women continuing to control their own bodies, air and water continuing to support life, and young brown and black lives mattering. Senator Kamala Harris needs your help! NRDC is counting on you! Sign our petition!

And then two pages in, how much will you give us?

I understand that money runs the machine, and I desperately want better people to be driving the damn machine, but for every donation I give, I get twenty-fold requests all from ActBlue. If I had more money to give, wouldn’t that last donation have been larger? And I live in a swing state, a big fat swing state, so why would I help Senator Harris’s friend win a seat in California, when my own representation needs every penny I can send them?

And when, sweet Jesus when, will those leading the DNC read the writing on the wall and embrace grassroots organizing, discarding the money-first model while embracing a people-first plan? Didn’t they pay attention to what happened in New York this week?


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