July 1/365 My Nose In A Book

In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s opinion of the Beast begins to change when she first sees his library. This makes sense. A sexy brain must read books, many books, and a well-used library of thousands of books is a very good sign that the Beast has a sexy brain, indeed.

When Belle opens those lovely old texts, her nose will detect a sweet vanilla scent, a touch of almond, and the ghost of something floral. In a flash, Belle will be taken back through memory to every beloved old book, every sacred text, which all opened with the same perfume. How do I know this? Because old books smell fantastic, and speak to memory through scents. It’s an accident of chemistry that the papers and glues used to make books break down with age and the reaction releases these odors.

Now old books can also smell horrible, reeking of sour mildew and cigarettes, their pages stained with unknown liquids, their glue digested by silverfish. Note here: these are unloved books. Belle stands before a promised land of beloved books, and there may be a bit of dust here and there, but the breath of each will be sweet and true.


5 thoughts on “July 1/365 My Nose In A Book

  1. And did the Beast have a sense of humor? When combined with all those books plus his beastly pheromones, that would send the sexiness factor into the stratosphere.


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