July 2/365 More, Mom! Another Chapter!

I write at a desk next to Duncan’s bookshelves. A mix of YA mainstays, some sci-fi, interspersed with college texts. (Understanding Vietnam rests uncomfortably between Jacques’s Taggerung and Kendall’s The Gammage Cup, a fantasy involving the Minnipins.) Raising sons involved copious reading, by me as well as them. So much on these shelves was first read aloud: the entire Lemony Snicket series, the Dark is Rising series, the Dark Materials books, Harry Potter through the fourth book. Then the boys took over, and we stole the volumes back and forth between us, so that we could wrangle over them later. That was the best part: the debating about plots and characters, the impassioned arguments concerning flaws or secrets or what could happen next.

Duncan comes home in August for a weekend. We’ll go over the books on these shelves, because Mom is slowly making this her space. I’m sure that some are not in the “forever keeping” category. (Sorry Mr. Jacques and The Minnipins…I wager that you’re both toast!) I will keep the important ones for him, however. My voice is part of them, their laughter woven into the text, our communion adding layers of meaning that authors never intended.





7 thoughts on “July 2/365 More, Mom! Another Chapter!

  1. Ok this made me tear up. I read aloud to girls, similar stories alongside Anne of Green Gables and whatnot. That time is done and I have shelves like this too.


  2. I love peeking at other people’s bookshelves. And why not have Understanding Vietnam on the same shelf as Dune and Northern Lights?


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