July 10/365 The Cripps Family

Stan sends me lists of mystery novels worth reading. He always has a new one in his pocket. He even gave me a little book that lists mysteries by author and detective, so when we are pillaging a used book store and find a likely volume, I can check if it is already on my shelves at home. I have too many books, you see, and a faulty memory.

anoRichard Jury mysteries. The best.

Here’s what a good mystery needs, if I’m to stay interested: a flawed detective; wonderful side-kicks; humor; a sense of place, and well-developed secondary characters; a cost (I have no patience with sweet-faced crime solvers who are not impacted in the least by the crimes they witness); and a point that goes beyond just connecting the dots

Unfortunately these Jury novels need to be read in order, since the characters and histories build book upon book. But if I was to pick the best, it would be #3, The Anodyne Necklace, and for one reason only: the Cripps family. Slapstick and social commentary rarely come together to render anything half as interesting as Ash-the-Flash Cripps and his wife, White Ellie. You have to read them to believe them.


6 thoughts on “July 10/365 The Cripps Family

  1. I like mystery novels but have never read Martha Grimes. I just checked our library, and they only have one Martha Grimes novel. (Well, in audiobook or ebook). So thanks for the warning that they need to be read in order. I have a stack of PD James novels. And I love the one or two Elizabeth George novels I’ve read, and really should suck it up and just read the paper books! If you haven’t tried her, you should – look for the Inspector Lynley series.


    • Love P.D. James as well. Will keep an eye out for Elizabeth George. Also recommend the Mary Russell books written by Laurie R. King — very different take on Sherlock Holmes.

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  2. I have tried so many mystery novels, only to give up partway through due to lack of interest. Maybe I’ll give this series a go, based on the belief that you have high standards. If that turns out not to be the case, well, there are people available for hire on the dark web who can take care of that kind of thing.

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