July 17/365 My Literary Years

I must clear this shelf someday. I will put the books into a box and haul them to the library for the annual book sale. Some other blooming feminist, Marxist, quasi-surrealist chick is waiting for them.

During my graduate school years, I had a Poetry period, a Smoking-and-Drinking-with-Kate-and-Others period, and a Feminist Criticism period. (They overlapped a bit.)

I’ve dragged these books from Virginia, to Pennsylvania, to Kansas, and then back to Pennsylvania, and I haven’t opened them once. Dickens would tell me they are my chains, rattling after me all these years.



4 thoughts on “July 17/365 My Literary Years

  1. Your feminist reading was so much more high-brow than mine. Though I’d studied some of it in class at university, so didn’t bring it home.


  2. I wholeheartedly support the notion of decluttering. On the other hand, if we rid ourselves of all the tangible evidence of who we once were, it feels almost like we’re erasing our personal history.


  3. I see at least three books from the class we took together! Back when we were smoking and drinking. I hardly ever smoked, but I loved smoking with you. I haven’t had a drink for about an hour or so. (I may still have all three of those books on my shelf still too…)

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