July 22/365 Viggo’s Art

I am rarely a fangirl.

My defense: a certain scene in A History of Violence. There was also the character he played in A Walk On The Moon, you know the one: The Blouse Man.

So when I discovered that Viggo Mortensen ran his own publishing house, Perceval Press,  I became a book groupie. If you’ve never fallen into the Viggo universe, you need to understand that he wears many hats: poet, art photographer and painter, actor, horseman, thinker of deep thoughts, musician, and on and on. Perceval Press is not a vanity press. It is quite the opposite: a deeply earnest, rigorous outlet of disparate voices. You cannot submit manuscripts to them for consideration. You cannot pay them, and I doubt that they will have much to pay you with either, if they seek you out.

viggoViggo’s photographic journey, The Horse is Good, is dedicated to Hildago and Frank T. Hopkins. There is much to love here. A sense of place. A way of looking at a part of the creature, and embracing the whole. The grainy nature of the desert riders. The sudden brightness of an eye. And then there is Coincidence of Memory, poetry and photography combined. I am still not sure of his poetry. At times I find myself reading his words, and thinking that if he read these lines with the film running, pausing as he does, nervous in interviews, and then half-sheepishly grinning, that women and men, both in unison, would fall in deep love with each syllable that passed from the screen to their ears. I am not sure that I can separate The Blouse Man from the poet enough to judge.



4 thoughts on “July 22/365 Viggo’s Art

  1. I didn’t know all this about Viggo. All I knew was that I loved him—loved him—in A History of Violence(which, I may have told you, I gave to my son but he didn’t watch it immediately because he thought I’d given him a cautionary documentary).

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