July 26/365 Do Not Follow The Link

Sometimes I let the djinn out of the bottle.

After writing about The Transitive Vampire, I discovered how many other grammar-related books Karen Elizabeth Gordon had written. You must have these!

So I went online to abebooks.com. Two hardcover copies for almost nothing, and the shipping would be less for each additional book purchased! Oh happy day! Frolicking and dancing begin!

Then I found a Martha Grimes nonfiction book about her battle with alcoholism, co-written with her son. A bargain at $4.00 including shipping – I put it in the cart. Then there were a couple of Laurie R. King’s mysteries that I needed. Then two collections by Le Guin. More! the djinn roared.

An Alistair Reynold’s Doctor Who book? I didn’t know that was even possible! The little number over the cart icon clicked higher.

Finally, the djinn rested, satiated. He took a nap on some other books that are waiting to be shelved.

I prefer to find books like this, but the djinn prefers the instant gratification of online purchasing.


Image from Pixcove.com.


6 thoughts on “July 26/365 Do Not Follow The Link

  1. I do know what a djinn is (I play Scrabble, after all), but somehow when I read your first sentence I thought you were doing a clever spelling thing and this was going to be a post about books relating to cocktails.

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