August 8/365 Catching Up: A Complaint About Formatting A Poem

Until this week, I hadn’t needed to space words intentionally on my blog in WordPress.

None of my words needed to be placed part way across the line.

Not really like this, which only
depends on selecting align center.

But to place a word directly below the ending of a line,

Like this………………….

I could only approximate by selecting align right, and typing a bunch of useless periods.

WordPress fundamentally doesn’t like me to decide where the letters should go on the gray screen….unless I purchase a plan, because then there is a fix. (Or if you have a bright, techie son in Boston, he can almost fix it by changing the code!)


6 thoughts on “August 8/365 Catching Up: A Complaint About Formatting A Poem

  1. I haven’t tried anything too adventurous. But yes, I get so frustrated with programs that don’t let me do what I want to do and how I want to do it.

    I have become a bit of a googler of code, and cut and paste it in sometimes … though that can cause its own problems.


  2. Yeah, I think a lot of the problem is the style sheets that we cannot touch unless we have a self-hosted blog or if we pay WordPress for the privilege of editing style sheets. Although I wonder about inline styles…


  3. I’ve been using Blogger for this project, and I swear it suddenly does weird stuff with the type it didn’t do LAST time. And I haven’t done anything different. And I spend too much time trying to fix it (even occasionally looking at the html stuff).


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