August 12/365 Geckos I Have Known

The one who death-slept
in the butter compartment
of the refrigerator.
I pried his suction feet
from the cold plastic,
warmed him in my hand
until his heart twitched,
tail flicked and he
leapt to freedom.

The tiny one waiting
on the bedroom wall
near the lamp light.
Every night
while I read my book,
she slowly crept
onto the pillow
to examine the text.

The tail-less ones,
escaping feline paws,
the interesting bit,
the skittering tail as bait,
while the legs carried
the necessary away.

The one joyriding
on top of the Sentra door.
When I tried to exit
in front of the local store,
four men watched me
dance when she fell
into my hair. Or was
that a skink? Hard to tell
I was moving so fast.


7 thoughts on “August 12/365 Geckos I Have Known

    • No idea how the little guy did it, but I found him there in total hibernation state (the first Micronesian lizard to achieve this?). And my literary lizard was very special. I was always worried that the cats would find her, so I kept them out of the bedroom while we read together.


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