August 25/365 Palpitations

coffee is cold
coffee spills out
out of my mind
out of my mouth
mouth tastes bitter
mouth makes jokes
jokes are for cowboys
jokes up in smoke
smoke fills the room
smoke rings your face
face up to crimes
face up in the dirt
dirt under nails
dirt in my mind
mind how you talk
mind how you whine
whine of mosquitos
whine of the dog
dog tail thumping
dog chasing cars
cars going fast
cars crashing
crashing into walls
crashing the market
market your skills
market is a bear
bear this burden
bear the pain
pain in the neck
pain killers
killers stalking prey
killers getting away
away from the city
away from the light
light burns bright
light gets in my eyes
eyes bright blue
eyes seeing you
you need to stop
you are a fool
fool you once
fool on a hill
hill so steep
hill hard to climb
climb up the stairs
climb using fingers
fingers crossing heart
fingers tapping rhythm


4 thoughts on “August 25/365 Palpitations

  1. There appears to be a blitz on blitz poems. I like the breathless feeling (leading to palpitations, of a sort) one gets reading them. I also really like how your final two lines tie in with the title.


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