September 12/365 Songs 8

Duncan was two. Cheri gifted us with the 1995 Dublin performance video of Riverdance, when Michael Flatley danced the lead. The opening song effected our wee lad profoundly. The music swelled, the first taps struck the stage, and he ran in circles yelling “The Show! The Show!” We didn’t have the tech to record this. Such good blackmail, lost forever.

NOTE: Sorry for the poor quality of the video. Difficult to get a clearer one of this particular performance. The first song is “Reel Around the Sun” and lasts a little over seven minutes.



5 thoughts on “September 12/365 Songs 8

  1. Aw . . . I bet that’s a vivid memory.

    About the video. I was fascinated with the opening number, although the armless quality of Irish step dancing has never appealed to me. But then Flatley came out, and I realized he uses his arms—big time!

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