September 13/365 Songs 9

Most music marketed to children is insufferable. One of the qualities I most appreciated in my boys was their ability to quickly move past the baby stuff, and into the rarified world of the Barenaked Ladies. Driving to piano lessons or swim meets, we all belted out this ode to chimpanzees in the mail. So much better than Sesame Street!



8 thoughts on “September 13/365 Songs 9

  1. We usually listened to Tom Chapin. His was the only “kids” music Dean tolerated on car trips. I suppose we could have just played our own favorite music, but for some reason we didn’t. Although Barenaked Ladies was not among our favorites (only because we’d not really ever heard the band).


    • We also loved Tom Chapin for awhile. I have a cute picture of him posing with the boys who were interviewing him after a local concert for a newspaper they wrote. He’s a lovely man.


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