October 5/365 Raising Idiots

I wonder if the human species will survive our embrace of technology; will we master it or continue the decline toward idiocy and servitude? This week, I’m betting on that sweet, slippery slope.

Until I watched a TED talk, I didn’t know about YouTube videos that show hands opening prize eggs. That’s all. Big human fingers unwrapping candy eggs with prizes in them. I not only didn’t know about the videos, somehow I also didn’t know about the damn eggs. But millions of children watch hours of these videos, one after another. There are thousands of them. Mind you, there’s nothing going on in any of them but prizes being displayed. No plots, no characters, no new information, no new neurons sparking in these wee brains. What a brave new world!

Behold the tech way to raise idiots. Cue the end credits.


One thought on “October 5/365 Raising Idiots

  1. It is a standing joke in NZ that these Kinder Surprise eggs are apparently banned in the US. Maybe that’s why the videos are fascinating? But this TED talk … yes, that’s terrifying.


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