October 12/365 Danger, Will Robinson!

There was a creature in the old campy sci-fi series Lost In Space that terrified me. I don’t remember anything of the plot surrounding it, but this alien had no features on its black, faceted face, and it walked with a swaying side-to-side gait, much like Frankenstein’s monster did in old movies. My sister, Cheri, who was always ready to exploit a weakness to her advantage, found that she could easily reduce me to a blubbering, wailing mess by just walking about our dark bedroom, shuffling side to side, and saying nothing at all. Eventually I would scream for our mother, who was better than any old robot for dispelling aliens and monsters alike. Cheri would quietly sit up in bed, as the door opened, rubbing her eyes and mumbling, “I don’t know what’s got into her, Mom. Maybe too much TV?” I howled.


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