October 13/365 Faces

There’s always the possibility of someone looking in. Yet I don’t cover most of the windows in my house with curtains. I’m just not a curtain kind of person. We live hemmed in by trees with no nearby houses situated so other people can easily see through our windows. Plus I am convinced you’d have to be pretty desperate to enjoy watching the Kim-and-Rich show, given how much effort it would take to climb up the hemlocks.

But if I think about it, in the dark of night, when I am crossing a brightly lit room, there’s always the possibility that I will turn to a window and see a pale face looking in. That thought gives me shivers, and I find it so difficult to turn my head, to raise my eyes, to the dark glass rectangles rimming our home. If I don’t look, then I can continue believing that no one is there.

So I look.

One of the few actual faces that I’ve found looking in. This turkey was likely frustrated by our deep snow pack, and thought that things looked a little warmer inside. It pecked on our window for quite a while.

4 thoughts on “October 13/365 Faces

  1. I know what you mean. We rarely cover the windows on the main floor, so when I get up in the middle of the night I just refuse to look out the windows.


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