October 14/365 Lock, Stock, and Barrel

We have started to talk about buying a gun and learning how to shoot. This doesn’t sound strange given that we are Americans, and everyone knows Americans love firearms. I am the daughter of a hunter; guns were in my childhood home, venison was on the table, and a stray bullet (from a careless hunter) once broke our screen door sending my father into a rage. But guns never had a place in the Hannigan/Lilley household; we didn’t feel the need to own one, even when we lived in the Northside of Pittsburgh, even when a rock broke our window, even when someone vandalized our apartment.

What changed? An awareness that we can no longer trust about 40% of the population. I don’t know who these people are, but they do not agree with me on fundamental values, their leader espouses violence, and they are armed.



5 thoughts on “October 14/365 Lock, Stock, and Barrel

  1. I’m shocked and saddened for you. I was like you – we grew up with guns in the house (or rather at the back door), but they were solely for hunting. We used to count the shotgun pellets in our roast duck. But even though we have a very high level of gun ownership in NZ, virtually none of it is for self-protection.


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