October 17/365 Ghost Stories III

Ghosts only live in the high places on Pohnpei, so people must live in the lower lands. That’s a simple fact that only haoles would be stupid enough to ignore. Then the Arthur’s built The Village Hotel on a lovely bit of mountain, with stunning views of the lagoon and Sokehs Rock. I knew Mary and Peter from New Zealand who worked at The Village. Ghosts put toothbrushes in toilets, ran showers in unoccupied rooms, and appeared at the end of dark walkways. Ghosts made the hotel workers become creative liars to the guests: “Oh dear, the maid must have been clumsy! Have a nice new toothbrush!” Once after Mary lost her wallet in Kolonia, miles away from the hotel, she went to her cabin. She opened her closet door, and the wallet dropped in front of her eyes from nowhere. The ghosts had retrieved it for her.


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