October 18/365 Ghost Stories IV

We rented a large farmhouse on Canandaigua Lake in May 2017 for Duncan’s college graduation from Hobart. Stan and Pam came in from Kansas; Charlie, Kat and baby Owen flew in from North Carolina. My family drove up from Wellsville. The old house had an original core with an addition containing several bedrooms. We had a lovely get-together, full of cheer and good food and conversation, and no one mentioned any creepy details.

Until today.

Kat said, “Did you know that house was haunted?” Turns out that she had seen a strange old woman in the room where the baby slept but decided to keep quiet about it. “I didn’t want to freak you out.” Charlie confirmed it months later. He had seen the stranger as well, just for an instant, in Owen’s room. The wee boy did not sleep well on that vacation. Now we know why.


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