October 23/365 Funerals

I will not come to your funeral. Your wake, for sure, but I’m not very good at funerals. You see, I manage stress with humor. The more stress, the more likely I will go full Jerry Lewis on you. Everything is fair game at a funeral.

Rich’s Uncle Wayne was a Freemason. This is only an important fact because it turns out that fellow masons will come to the visitation hours at the funeral home, and they will arrive with a certain amount of solemnity and pomp. Or at least they will in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. I was trying to behave myself, sitting on a couch in the side room, speaking quietly with my sister-in-law. Then these old men arrived in full regalia, banging on a gong, and calling out to their brother Wayne. I tried to be good; truly I did. The worn couch rocked and rattled from our gagged laughter.


3 thoughts on “October 23/365 Funerals

  1. Two things: 1. Last weekend I went to my first Mason funeral (which didn’t have the same pomp, but some ritual). My first Mason anything. 2. I once said at a visitation, Jeez, it’s like somebody died in here. I regret it more than I don’t, but it’s close.

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  2. I’ve never been to a Freemason funeral, but I have been to Moose funerals and they are similar in the ritual and pomp. My first Freemason thing was touring the Masonic Temple in Alexandria where they, for 10 or 20 seconds let the audience view one of only a few replicas of the Ark of the Covenant. Thereafter we called the temple (that we could see from our bathroom window) the temple of doom (yes, mixing Indiana Jones movies, but who cares?)

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