October 25/365 How To Proceed?

I’ve begun to plan on not living so very long after all. It seems to be the best response to the whole world-going-to-shit phenomenon we’re actively promoting here in America. As a plan, it is remarkably adaptable to a multitude of scenarios. Dementia threatens? Cut to the end credits. Conservatives finally gut the social safety nets for senior citizens? Take the express lane out of here! Catastrophic climate change destabilizes the world? One less consumer of precious resources – you can give my allotment to some poor child who will inherit this wasteland, with my sincere apologies.

What is the death of one old woman in a world that did not mourn the passing of the Arctic bears? How can her life’s curtailment compare to the mass extinction and bleached, dead tombs of the Great Barrier Reef?


4 thoughts on “October 25/365 How To Proceed?

  1. I’m not ready to go now, but I completely agree with you. Today I was spitting angry after the Pittsburgh shooting. More so after discovering we knew one of the victims.

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