October 27/365 Fears

Twenty-six days of fear and loathing in 666 characters each day. I’ve run out of ideas. I googled “fear” and came up with a Reese Witherspoon movie and a factoid about there being only two innate fears for humans. Nothing there to generate any interest. Much of what I actually fear turns out to be pretty mundane. I fear being buried alive. I fear the idea of the grave and moldering away, yes the old feast-for-worms scenario. I fear losing my mind slowly, as well as the flipside of that – losing my ability to move while keeping my mind intact. I fear dying before my children. I fear that my degenerative discs and crushed nerves will eventually turn my life into hell. And I fear that nothing about me will matter in the end, that my words will falter, and no one will notice my absence. This changes nothing.


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