October 29/365 Holiday Horrors

Our house is too small. Who will sleep where, and which son on the couch? One and a half bathrooms simply cannot accommodate eight adults and a toddler. Nothing can be done! Hope the well doesn’t go dry! Just the dogs take up half our chairs. There is cat hair everywhere, especially Opal’s gravity defying white poofs which can remain airborne for years. The to-do list from the summer was barely begun when the rains rolled in and the temperatures plummeted, so all I can see is what didn’t get finished. And because of our strange wet summer and fall, the leaves are only just beginning to litter the ground. When will we find the time to rake the sodden leaves, cut back the rank gardens, and plant the three bags of daffodil bulbs I had to buy? We have only three weeks, that’s all, before…

Everyone arrives.


8 thoughts on “October 29/365 Holiday Horrors

  1. I think you should start assigning to-do-when-you-arrive tasks for your guests (a pot-task get-together?). And maybe rent a port-a-potty.

    I love that bit about Opal’s poofs.

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    • Great ideas, but the bathroom shortage was really about showers for the horde! We’re full up here for about four-five days, and our one lone shower gets a workout (as does the well pump and water heater!).


  2. I second the poofs.

    And Helen’s to-do. My grandmother actually did something like this one Christmas. She needed a lot of things moved from here to there and back again and as men and young women arrived, they were assigned tasks. Before dinner.

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